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Universal Avionics Receives TSO Authorization for the EFI-550 and EFI-640
Flat Panel Electronic Flight Instruments


Tucson, Arizona: Universal Avionics Systems Corporation has received Technical Standard Order (TSO C-4c, C5e, C6d, C113) authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration for the EFI-550 and EFI-640 flat panel Electronic Flight Instruments. These are the newest cockpit instrument approved in Universal Avionics’ line of Flat Panel Integrated Displays (FPIDs) which incorporate advanced ruggedized color LCD active matrix technology and feature superior sunlight readability, wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles, high contrast, and advantages in size, weight, cooling and reliability.

The EFIs are being marketed for forward and retrofit applications. The displays can accommodate inputs directly from a variety of analog and digital sources without external symbol generators or complex switching arrays. Variable-range HSI compass rose/map display functions will include FMS data, navigation sensor inputs, heading bugs, TCAS, weather, lightning and more. The displays will also accommodate software upgrades for other situational-awareness-enhancing display capabilities evolving as part of the CNS/ATM free flight environment.

The EFI-640 is a 5x6 ATI size with 6.4-inch diagonal display weighing 7.5 pounds. The EFI-550 is a 4.8-inch x 5.18-inch (bezel) standard EFIS-85 size with a 5.5-inch diagonal display and weighs only 7.1 pounds.

Also receiving TSO were Universal’s Display Control Panel and Integrated Course/Heading and Display Control Panel.

The EFI-550 displays have been recently STC’d on Universal’s King Air 350 and on an air carrier’s Airbus 300B4. Installations are currently scheduled for several other airline and business aircraft.


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