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Universal Avionics VIU (Video Interface Unit) Receives FAA Approval (TSO-C113)

Tucson, AZ – Universal Avionics Systems Corporation (UASC) announces FAA approval of its newest product the VIU (Video Interface Unit) under TSO-C113, Airborne Multipurpose Electronic Display certification on May 4, 2004.

The VIU is designed to work with the unique display capabilities of Universal’s Electronic Flight Instruments (EFI) by allowing, Universal’s TAWS, Vision One and standard NTSC video sources such-as video cameras to be displayed on multiple displays at the same time. The VIU is a “one-in” “two-out” or switched “two-in” “one-out” interface unit depending on configuration. The VIU can support NTSC Composite, RGBs or VGA video applications.

TAWS and Vision One owners will benefit from the ease of installation. Universal Avionics Systems Corporation (UASC) Director of Product Development Coordination Grady Dees comments: “This concept is intended to eliminate having to wire video coaxes and shielding through non-coaxial connections and relays when video data needs to go to or be switched to/from multiple sources. This product is the only aircraft quality, solid state video buffer / switching device we know of that meets DO-160D requirements.“

Universal Avionics Systems Corporation, Tucson, AZ, is a world leader in the design, manufacture, certification and support of leading-edge technology avionics systems such as:

EFI’s – Universal Avionics offers a full line of standard sized Electronic Flight Instruments (EFIs). External symbol generators are a thing of the past with the EFIs capacity to capture inputs from a variety of digital and analog sources. The EFI-550, EFI-600, and EFI-640 is a great choice for cost effective display upgrades without extensive panel modifications.

The newest member to our EFI product line is the EFI-890R, which is a Primary Flight Display. With a large image size of 8.9” diagonal, extremely wide viewing angles, and sunlight readability, the 890R is an impressive display that is a must for any modern cockpit.


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