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AerAware SkyLens
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Revolutionizing Aviation Safety

 First Gate-to-Gate visibility solution certified at a 50% visual advantage.


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Aeraware nose camera


Enhanced Vision System Camera Technology

At the heart of AerAware is Universal Avionics’, an Elbit Systems company, ClearVision camera system – the EVS-5000. The camera system includes a network of four internal cameras as well as six sensors resulting in one perfectly fused picture, which enables pilots to overcome limited visibility conditions day and night. From visible light to longwave infrared (IR) this system captures multispectral imagery that goes beyond the limitations of the human eye. It reveals crucial details in low-visibility situations, ensuring pilots have a comprehensive view of the outside world.



SkyLens Head Wearable Display (HWD) inside cockpit

SkyLens️️️️️️️️ Head Wearable Display (HWD)

The SkyLens HWD provides a revolutionary way for pilots to interact with AerAware. It offers a vast, immersive display that projects a complete view of the aircraft’s primary systems data alongside 3D synthetic vision. The lightweight device provides superior see-through transmission in all weather conditions with unlimited field of view.



EFVS Visibility

Combined Vision System (CVS)

Enhanced Vision System (EVS) + Synthetic Vision System (SVS)

Setting a new standard, the CVS combines both EVS and SVS, providing a high-resolution view of the outside world even when actual visibility is close to zero. It enables the operator to see the runway lights better in conditions impairing the visibility of unaided approach. This improves the pilots’ ability to execute precision and non-precision approaches and safely land, significantly reducing the risks of accidents, runway incursions, tail strikes, and hard landings.

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Enhanced situational awareness


While traditional Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) provide a fixed head-forward view, AerAware's SkyLens️️️️️️️️ HWD enables pilots to benefit from significantly enhanced situational awareness, with full visual mobility for primary flight data and expansive, "eyes out" views of the enhanced 3D synthetic terrain. The wide-viewing angle allows the pilot to look 180 degrees to the left or right to view SVS imagery for unprecedented visibility.

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AerAware plane

Making Safety a Priority


Through collaboration with AerSale, they have integrated this originally developed military technology on the Boeing B737NG product line.

AerAware has received FAA Certification following one of the most extensive flight test program ever for an Enhanced Flight Vision System. STC04576AT.




AerSale plane flying

Through collaboration with AerSale, they have integrated this originally developed military technology on the Boeing B737NG product line.

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