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InSight Databases

InSight includes a range of required and optional databases to meet your aircraft needs and flight requirements. Databases include: Terrain, Obstacle, Navigation Reference, Airport Mapping supplied by Universal Avionics, and the Electronic Terminal Charts (eCharts) supplied by Jeppesen. Databases are downloaded using the Universal Avionics custom-designed Data Download Tool (DDT), a Microsoft® Windows® based PC tool. InSight databases are uploaded into the system via Secure Digital (SD) memory card through the ANK, which incorporates an SD card slot.

The DDT is available as a download from the UniNet Online Portal. A UniNet account is required to use the DDT.


Terrain Databases

The Terrain database is comprised of three sub-databases:

  1. Terrain Elevation: Displays 3D terrain renderings and the caution and warning color bands
  2. Terrain Coverage: Displays water and ice coverage
  3. Cultural Chart Features: Displays urban area outlines and political boundaries
The terrain database is released every 84 days. The contents are updated only as-needed, therefore download times will vary.

Note: The Terrain databases are shown as three individual downloads in the DDT.

Release Schedule


Nav Reference Databases

The NavReference database contains reference information including airports, airspace, and NAVAIDS which are shown on terrain displays and maps on the EFI-1040P. It is updated every 28 days.

Release Schedule


Obstacle Databases

The Obstacle database contains man–made and certain natural obstacles which are shown on terrain displays and maps on EFI-1040P. It is updated every 28 days.

Release Schedule


Airport Mapping Databases

The optional Airport Mapping database displays a high-resolution representation of airport surface layout and features. It is updated every 28 days.

Release Schedule


InSight eChart Database

The optional Jeppesen® eCharts for InSight contains electronic approach and terminal charts. It is supplied by Jeppesen and updated every 14 days.

Release Schedule

Database Support

Technical Support

Tel: 520 573 7627 or 800 595 5906
Fax: 520 295 2384

Subscription Support

Tel: 520 295 2300 or 800 321 5253