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Cockpit Voice & Flight Data Recorders

Extended cockpit voice and flight data recorders to capture data communications, protect your data and meet the mandates.  

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Fit for Flight

Record over 25-hours of cockpit voice, flight data, and data link communications to comply with all the latest TSOs and meet global airspace requirements.

Built to Last

Compact and lightweight design features embedded 10-minute RIPS with no periodic maintenance, and lithium-free 90-day ULB for hassle-free shipping.

Depend on a History of Success

Universal manufactured the world's first 80-minute CVR in 1989. Over 30 years of continued research and development contribute to Universal flight recorders backing worldwide operations today.


Built-In Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS)

Universal CVR/FDR is built to last, recording for 10 minutes in the event of a power outage. Our patented Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS) is internal to the CVFDR, reducing weight and costs compared to an external LRU or bolt-on device. Fly without the worry of periodic maintenance - RIPS uses a capacitor pack rather than batteries.



Upgrade your CVR

Stay fit for flight with RIPS

Upgrade any existing CVR 120A at our factory repair station in Tucson, AZ - just a 7-10 day turn time. KAPTURE is uniquely suited to replace an existing UA 120-minute CVR, or any brand of CVR using an adapter tray.

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During the Thanksgiving holiday, our customer, a local Air Ambulance Sikorsky S76 operator, contacted us for an AOG CVFDR-145. I called Universal Avionics’ AOG line, who quickly checked the serial number of the customer’s existing recorder to confirm they had a compatible recorder in stock, ready to ship. The order was processed and drop-shipped directly to the customer without delay. The recorder arrived at the customer’s facility before noon on Saturday. The whole transaction concluded without a hitch. It was very much unexpected to receive such prompt service, let alone during the holidays. Responses and actions were absolutely wonderful. In my past AOG dealings with OEMs, I have never experienced such smooth and efficient service. Truly amazing! Our customer was very pleased and Universal helped make Maxcraft look good in our customer’s eyes!

Alex Khavin

Technical Sales Associate (Maxcraft Avionics Ltd.)


Fit to Fly: Canadian Aviation Mandates for CVR + RIPS

Quick flight health check – are you fit to fly? For aircraft owners in Canada, this means ensuring you are in shape for Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) mandates that recently came into effect.
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Universal Avionics Introduces New KAPTURE Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorders

Universal Avionics (UA) introduces its new KAPTURE line of Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorders (CVR/FDR).
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